Callout 623

Posted on Monday Jul 10, 2017

In the early hours of this morning at 01:10hrs HM Coastguard received a 999 call from person on-board a yacht which had 2 persons on-board whom have become disorientated and not sure of their current position in the darkness.
The Ardboe & Kinnego Lifeboats launched and commenced an extensive search. HM Coastguard also requested the assistance of Rescue 116 (Irish Coastguard SAR helicopter).
Whilst on a running line between Oxford Island and Ballyronan (searching northwards) the Ardboe lifeboat located the casualty vessel, made contact, came alongside and one crew member boarded to assist the skipper in dropping the sails. The Kinnego lifeboat proceeded from its search area on the eastern shore to the location of the casualty vessel. Whilst alongside a tow line was attached to the vessel (with the consent of the skipper) and the Kinnego lifeboat commenced a tow to Kinnego marina with one crew member on-board the casualty vessel.
Both Rescue 116 and the Ardboe lifeboat stood down and the lifeboat returned to base.
The casualty vessel was brought safely alongside the jetty in Kinnego Marina by the Kinnego lifeboat and the casualties were handed into the care of the awaiting Coastguard team.
Kinnego lifeboat returned to base. All units restaged and ready for service

Ardboe Open Day 2017 / LNR BBQ/ Raft Race

Posted on Sunday Jul 2, 2017

Crew will soon be out selling tickets for the best BBQ on the Western Shore.
Saturday 29th July at the Battery Bar


Sunday 30th July will see the Ardboe Station open day and the return of the annual LNR raft race! @ the Battery harbour.

This is the highlight of the lough shore, let the battle commence will the McCourts or the Battery bar win? More details will follow within the next few weeks but for now get the thinking caps on as this will be a build your own raft race!

Kinnego Open Day 2017

Posted on Friday Jun 30, 2017

As Summer approaches Lough Neagh Rescue will be hosting our annual open days. First up is Kinnego station on Sunday 16th July at 1pm. This is an opportunity for us to thank you all for your continued support but also a chance for you to come have a look around our station, meet our crew and have a fun filled family day out. We look forward to seeing you there.

Callout 622

Posted on Sunday Jun 25, 2017

At 20:43hrs HM Coastguard tasked LNR to reports of persons entering the water in search of a few canines in the Antrim Bay area.
The Antrim Bay lifeboat, Ardboe lifeboat and land mobile unit Lima Romeo (with shore crew) responded. The Antrim Bay lifeboat located the casualty whom was taken safely to shore by the shore crew, the Ardboe lifeboat also arrived on scene with all units being stood down shortly thereafter. The casualty and the canines were safe and well.

Callout 621

Posted on Saturday Jun 24, 2017

At 19:34hrs HM Coastguard tasked LNR to a white boat with 4 persons on board believed to be in the area of Maghery, the casualty vessel was experiencing engine trouble and was drifting.
The Ardboe and Kinnego lifeboats launched and proceeded to the area where the casualty vessel was located west of Colmkille Point and was aground. A lee shore rescue was initiated, two crew entered the water and proceeded to the casualty vessel, the crew inspected the vessel for damage and as it was deemed safe to tow, a towline was connected with the consent of the skipper.
Before commencing the tow, the 4No. casualties were transferred onto the Ardboe lifeboat with 2 No. lifeboat crew remaining on the casualty vessel.
The vessel was towed into Magery where the casualties were handed into the care of the awaiting coastguard team. And the vessel was safely moored to the jetty. Lifeboats returned to base.

Antrim Primary School Visit

Posted on Friday Jun 23, 2017

Today we had a visit from our colouring in competition winners from Antrim Primary School. They received a tour of our Antrim Station and got to try some of our gear on. Can we take the opportunity to thank Antrim Primary School for all the support they have given to LNR this school term.

Callout 620

Posted on Sunday Jun 11, 2017

At 14:12hrs HM Coastguard tasked LNR to Coney Island where it was reported by the Island Warden that 4 persons were stranded on the Island due to inclement weather conditions.
Both the Ardboe and Kinnego lifeboats launched and proceeded to the Island.
Upon the lifeboats arrival to the Island the crew liaised with the casualties and assessed their vessel. It was decided that the casualties would be brought onboard the lifeboat and transferred to Maghery, whilst in Maghery they were handed into the care of the awaiting local Coastguard team. All LNR units returned to base.

Callout 619

Posted on Friday Jun 9, 2017

Last Night, Friday 9th June 2017, at 23:00hrs HM Coastguard tasked the Ardboe lifeboat to a yacht with 2 persons on board, the casualty vessel had experienced engine difficulties near Ballyronan and requested assistance.
The Ardboe lifeboat launched and proceeded search for the casualty vessel with the Kinnego lifeboat remaining on standby / immediate readiness.
The casualty vessel was located approximately 1nm East of Ballyronan marina, one LNR crew member boarded the casualty vessel and a tow line was attached with the consent of the skipper. The lifeboat then proceeded to tow the casualty vessel into Ballyronan marina where it was brought safely alongside the jetty.
Ardboe lifeboat returned to base.

Crew Go Karting

Posted on Wednesday May 31, 2017

We had some crew from Ardboe station join in with crew members from Kinnego station for some outdoor go kart racing. All involved had a great evening of fun interaction and lots of competitive racing. It’s very important that crew bond well not only in individual stations but across all three. Antrim crew were unable to attend due to a training exercise they had planned (secretly we think they were intimidated by our driving skills). LNR remained operational with other crew members still training as normal per Tuesday evening.

Belfast International Airport Fire Station

Posted on Tuesday May 30, 2017

On Tuesday evening we were kindly invited to RAF Aldergrove to visit the fire Station. We received a fantastic tour and insight into how the Fire Department operate and we where given a chance to look and try new equipment. Can we take this opportunity to Thank CC Adrian Michael and his colleagues for having us and we look forward to hosting them in return.

All Saints Parish Church

Posted on Sunday May 21, 2017

All Saints Parish Church in Antrim along with FR Sean Emerson are holding a wine tasting night this Friday night 26th May 2017 at 8.00pm. Tickets cost £10 and proceeds are in aid of Lough Neagh Rescue. Speak to Rev McBride if you wish to attend.

Lough Neagh Rescue 5 Mile Run

Posted on Saturday May 20, 2017

Can we thank you all for taking part today in our 1st 5 mile road race. It was a huge success. Pictured below are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd over the line. Once again on behalf of LNR thank you all for your support.
Please find below the link for today race results.
Thanks to Championchip for a very professional job.

Can we take this opportunity to thank each and everyone who took part in our first 5 mile run. It was a huge success. On the day we raised £1200 for our lifesaving charity. We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses.

Katrina Taggart, Charlotte Pullan (For doing an excellent job in making sure everyone was registered.)
Barbara Logan for officially starting the race.
Lindsay Thornton, Davy McKeown, Adrain McMullan, Andree McCaffrey, Michelle Bushe, Heather Chestnutt (Pace Running Club)
Graham McDowell for the excellent pictures.
Robin Bates, Joy McNally, Matthew Taylor, Shirley Roberts. (Marshalling and First Aid)
Diane Lynn, Hazel McDowell and Emily Jane Douglas (tail runners).
Paul Berry Group Training
Black Velvet Therapies
Antrim Forum
Golf Nation

And last but no least. The volunteers of LNR who organised, marshalled and provided first aid cover. A great team effort.
Keep an eye out for details of our race in 2018


Callout 618

Posted on Wednesday May 17, 2017

At 14:47hrs HM Coastguard tasked the Kinnego lifeboat to a 17ft yacht with 1 person on board, the vessel had run aground at the breakwater at Kinnego Bay and required assistance.
The Kinnego lifeboat launched and proceeded to the casualty vessel with the Ardboe lifeboat remaining on standby / immediate readiness.
The casualty vessel was located and a towline connected with the consent of the skipper. The Kinnego lifeboat proceeded to tow the vessel into deeper water and brought it safely alongside the jetty in Kinnego Marina.

Antrim Retirement Group

Posted on Wednesday May 10, 2017

Can we thank the members of The Antrim Retirement Group for the invitation to come along to their monthly meeting yesterday to give them a talk about LNR and Water Safety. Pictures below is LNR crew member Drew Taggart who received a £50 donation from the group towards our lifesaving charity.

Callout 616

Posted on Monday May 8, 2017

At 14:12hrs HM Coastguard received a number of 999 calls from members of the public and tasked LNR to a broken down jet ski approx. 100meters outside The Six Mile Water – 1 person onboard.
The Antrim Bay Lifeboat launched whilst Ardboe & Kinnego lifeboats remained on immediate readiness.
The casualty tried to swim into shore and got tired, then returned to the jet ski and waited for assistance. The Antrim Bay Lifeboat recovered the casualty and brought him back to Antrim Marina.
The casualty did the correct thing by returning to the jet ski and waiting for assistance, it is advisable to always remain with the vessel (where possible) and ensure you have a line of communication to the emergency services if required.
Antrim Bay Lifeboat returned to base, Ardboe and Kinnego Lifeboats stood down.

Callout 615

Posted on Sunday May 7, 2017

At 20:20hrs whilst on scene on Callout 614 LNR was tasked to a speedboat with engine trouble in the vicinity of Coney Island, 5 persons on board without life-jackets. The casualty vessel was at anchor, however this failed and vessel started drifting towards shore.
The Kinnego lifeboat responded from Crumlin Marina and proceeded to the area, located the casualty vessel and secured a tow line. A lifeboat crew member then boarded the casualty vessel.
The casualty vessel was safely towed to Maghery and moored safely to the jetty. Kinnego lifeboat returned to base.
Safety advise was provided and we cannot stress enough the importance of a lifejacket or PFD whist on or around the water.

Callout 614

Posted on Sunday May 7, 2017

Tonight at 19:26hrs HM Coastguard paged LNR and requested immediate launch of the Ardboe and Kinnego Lifeboats to a 17ft speedboat located 1 mile west of Gawleys Gate, with 2 persons on board that was taking on water and sinking.
HM Coastguard issued a mayday relay to all vessels in the area and tasked a SAR helicopter also.
Both the Ardboe & Kinnego lifeboats quickly launched and proceeded to the area to search, the Ardboe lifeboat located the vessel which was almost completely submerged and had both casualties in the water clinging to the vessel. Both casualties were retrieved from the water and taken on board the lifeboat, an ambulance was requested and asked to meet at Crumlin Marina (Sandy Bay).
The Ardboe lifeboat proceeded to Crumlin Marina and whilst in the marina the casualties were assessed and handed into the care of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, treated for hypothermia and taken to hospital for further observation / treatment.
During the time in Crumlin Marina LNR was tasked to another incident (detailed separately in Callout 615), Kinnego Lifeboat responded to this incident.
The Ardboe Lifeboat then proceeded back to the scene to assess if the submerged vessel could be retrieved, fortunately the air pocket in the bow of the vessel was uncompromised and the crew were able to attach a tow line, re-float and cautiously bring the vessel safely to shore.
This was a time critical incident and the skipper on board the casualty vessel did everything right, firstly both persons on board were wearing PFD’d (Personal Flotation Devices), at the first sign of trouble they contacted the Coastguard, gave location of vessel, the nature of the emergency and the number of persons on board. This ultimately saved valuable time in the search and was a contributing factor to the successful outcome.
LNR has since learned that the casualties have been released from hospital and we wish them a speedy recovery. We would also like to thank the member of the public who provided an additional blanket for the casualties whilst in Crumlin Marina.
Ardboe Lifeboat back in base at 22:50hrs


Callout 613

Posted on Tuesday May 2, 2017

Tonight at 20:46hrs during a routine training exercise the Antrim Bay lifeboat was tasked to a 14ft speedboat with engine failure and 3 persons on board, the casualty vessel was located at the mouth of the Six Mile Water river.
Antrim Bay lifeboat proceeded the casualty vessel and assisted by bringing it safely to shore in Antrim Marina. Antrim Bay lifeboat returned to base.

Antrim Steam Rally

Posted on Sunday Apr 30, 2017

Today and Tomorrow LNR will be at the Steam Rally in Shane’s Castle Antrim. Why not pop in and meet the crew and learn more about what do! Looking forward to seeing you all.

Antrim Boat Club

Posted on Saturday Apr 29, 2017

We would like to thank the Commodore, Committee and members of Antrim Boat Club for their donation of £250. LNR has had a great relationship with the club for many years and we thank them for their continued support.

Callout 612

Posted on Thursday Apr 13, 2017

This morning at 01:25hrs – HM Coastguard paged LNR and requested the flood and swift water team to proceed to lower Lough Erne (Co. Fermanagh) to assist in the search for a female reported as being in the water in the vicinity of Devenish Island.
Whilst on route to the area LNR units were stood down as the casualty was retrieved from the water. LNR have since learned that the female has passed away, the crew and members of LNR would like to covey our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the casualty, may she rest in peace

Islandbawn Stores

Posted on Saturday Mar 25, 2017

Can we take this opportunity to thank the management, staff and customers of Islandbawn Stores for allowing us to collect on their premises on Saturday 25th March 2017. We raised £500 for our lifesaving charity. Thank you all!!

Lough Neagh Darts League

Posted on Friday Mar 24, 2017

LNR would like to thank the organisers of the Lough Neagh Darts League who held a tournament in March and raised funds for LNR. A total of £1,125.00 was presented to members of LNR on the night. We would also like to thank everyone who sold and purchased tickets for the event.

Belfast International Airport Information Day

Posted on Sunday Mar 19, 2017

Can we take this opportunity to thank all the members of the public and staff at Belfast International Airport for giving so generously at our information and collection day. During the day 2 crew members and a member of staff from the airport volunteered to have their legs waxed. Between sponsorship and donations during the day, we raised £650 for our lifesaving charity. Can we take this opportunity to thank Mrs Christine Doone for a very professional job and for coming along to wax our 3 volunteers.


Ballycraigy Primary School

Posted on Friday Mar 17, 2017

Can we thank everyone who came along this morning to our coffee morning organised by the PTA from Ballycraigy Primary School. A total of £303 was raised.

Rescue 116

Posted on Tuesday Mar 14, 2017

The thoughts and prayers from all within Lough Neagh Rescue are with our colleagues the Irish Coastguard following this morning’s news. Especially the crew of Rescue 116, their family and all involved in the search.



Callout 611

Posted on Saturday Mar 4, 2017

At 15.05Hrs HM Coastguard tasked all available LNR units to the Massereene Bridge on the six mile water river (Co. Antrim), where a female in a kayak was in difficulties.
The casualty’s friends who raised the alarm had initially secured the casualty with NIFRS providing further support measures on scene. NIFRS SRT initiated the rescue with LNR units providing downstream support. LNR had flood and swift water responders along with lifeboat and shore crew on scene.
LNR Flood boat 2 launched on scene downstream of the casualty whilst LNR Flood water responders, swift water technicians, lifeboat and shore crew were also standing by downstream of the casualty. The casualty was released from the kayak and taken safely to shore where she was transferred into the care of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.
All LNR units stood down and returned to base following debrief on scene.


River Foyle Search

Posted on Saturday Mar 4, 2017

Crew from Lough Neagh Rescue proceeded today to the river Foyle to assist in the ongoing search for a missing person.
As well as the crew assisting in this search the organisation remains ready for tasking in its primary area of operations – Lough Neagh & it’s tributary rivers

River Foyle Search

Posted on Saturday Feb 25, 2017

Whilst assisting today in the ongoing search for a missing person in the river Foyle, crew members from Lough Neagh Rescue along with members of Meath River Rescue proceeded to the aid of a person who entered the water. The casualty was retrieved from the river, brought to shore and emergency first aid administered until the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service arrived on scene. The casualty was then handed into the care of the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.
Other units involved on scene were: Foyle Search and Rescue and Boyne Fisherman’s Rescue.

Ellie Lavery

Posted on Tuesday Feb 21, 2017

Ellie Lavery who is 7 years old and from Antrim visited the station tonight. Ellie organised a fund raising event for LNR by growing her hair for a year. Ellie asked friends and family to sponsor her upon getting her hair cut. All monies raised would then go to LNR. We are delighted to say that Ellie raised £100 for our charity.

Ellie is pictured below handing over monies raised to Training Officer Ivan Crozier and LNR crew members.

River Foyle Search

Posted on Sunday Feb 19, 2017

Throughout yesterday and today Lough Neagh Rescue have had crew assisting in the search for a missing person at the river Foyle.
As well as the crew assisting in this search the organisation remains ready for tasking in its primary area of operations – Lough Neagh & it’s tributary rivers.

Belfast International Airport Coffee Morning

Posted on Thursday Feb 16, 2017

This morning we hosted a Coffee morning for the staff at Belfast International Airport. This is to coincide with us being the charity of the quarter. Can we thank everyone who came along and for the kind donations for our life saving charity.
Can we also thank the crew and family members for providing a lovely selection of delicious buns.

Callout 610

Posted on Saturday Jan 28, 2017

At 16.00Hrs HM Coastguard tasked Lough Neagh Rescue to check on the well-being of the warden on Coney Island, this was due to a late check-in from the island. Ardboe lifeboat launched and proceeded to the island and whilst on scene the crew quickly tracked down the warden who thankfully was ok. The warden was experiencing communication difficulties and the issue was in the process of being resolved.
When resolved Ardboe lifeboat was stood down and returned to base. Units which remained on stand-by also stood down.

B&M Junction 1 Collection

Posted on Saturday Jan 14, 2017

Can we say a MASSIVE Thank You to everyone who donated to our bag pack at B&M in Junction 1 today. A total of £748.82 was raised. Can we also say a big Thank You to the store manager and her staff for looking after us so well.


St Ronans Volunteer Fair

Posted on Friday Jan 13, 2017

Lough Neagh Rescue were delighted to be invited along to attend St Ronans, as part of their annual Volunteer Fair for year 13 & 14 pupils. We brought along some kit and 2 resuscitation dummies. It was great to see so much interest from the students, some of who really took a keen interest in what we do and how we do it. Students were shown some CPR and invited to have a go themselves after the initial shyness they really got stuck in.