Callout 605

Posted on Thursday Sep 22, 2016

HM Coastguard tasked Lough Neagh Rescue at 06:43 to a fishing vessel with 2 persons on board which run aground (in foggy conditions) in the area of Farsnagh Point.
The Ardboe lifeboat launched and proceeded to the area with Kinnego lifeboat standing by at immediate readiness. The casualty vessel was located north of Farsnagh point – local reference “Stanley’s Quay”. The casualty vessel was then inspected for signs of damage and a tow line secured at the request of the vessels skipper.
The Ardboe lifeboat successfully towed the casualty vessel off its grounded position and into deeper water. A further inspection was carried out, as there were no signs of damage and the casualty vessel was able to run under its own power the Ardboe lifeboat returned to base.

Caitríona Lucas

Posted on Thursday Sep 15, 2016

Lough Neagh Rescue would like to extend their sincere condolences to the family, friends and many colleagues of Caitríona Lucas. May she rest in peace.

Callout 604

Posted on Saturday Sep 3, 2016

HM Coastguard tasked Lough Neagh Rescue at 13:59 to a sailing boat with a broken mast in the area of Skady (North).
Ardboe lifeboat launched and proceeded to the area, when on scene the crew assessed the casualty vessel and set up a tow line.
A tow commenced and the vessel was brought into Ballyronan Marina where it was moored safely alongside the jetty.
Ardboe lifeboat then returned to base.

Callout 603

Posted on Sunday Aug 28, 2016

LNR were paged by Coastguard at 17:02 to a report of a Yacht aground with two person on board near Six Foot Flat. Ardboe Lifeboat re-floated the vessel and began a tow. Kinnego Lifeboat then took over the tow while Ardboe Lifeboat took one of the Yacht’s crew to Kinnego Marina as they were beginning to feel the effects of the cold windy conditions. Kinnego Lifeboat towed the Yacht back to Kinnego Marina.
Lifeboats back at base at 18:45.

Callout 602

Posted on Friday Aug 26, 2016

LNR were paged by Coastguard at 13:36 after receiving a Mayday call on their Black Mountain aerial site followed up with a DSC (Digital selective calling) alert. No position was given by the vessel in either call.
The aerial site covers a large area including Lough Neagh so with no position given the LNR Lifeboats and crew on shore began a search of the entire Lough.
The search was called off when the vessel was later able to report his position as being in Portavogie Harbour on the Irish Sea.
Lifeboats back at base at 14:34.

Callout 601

Posted on Monday Aug 15, 2016

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 22:05 to a 40ft racing vessel with 2 persons on board that was drifting without power around Blackards Rock with no anchor or navigation lights. As Ardboe and Kinnego Lifeboats launched Coastguard informed them that the casualty vessel had regained engine power and made its way back to the Battery Harbour. Both Lifeboats then returned to base.

Callout 600

Posted on Monday Aug 15, 2016

HM Coastguard paged Antrim Bay Lifeboat at 19:23 to a distressed women in the water around the front of Antrim Boat Club. Antrim Lifeboat was launched and arrived on scene to find a male and female in the water. The male had swam out with a life ring to help keep the female casualties head above the water. Both were brought on board the lifeboat and brought to Antrim Marina were they were met by an ambulance. Boat back on station at 20:17.

Callout 599

Posted on Thursday Aug 11, 2016

At 19:24 HM Coastguard tasked LNR to a yacht with 5 persons on board that has run aground in Antrim Bay. All three lifeboats where launched. Upon arrival it was discovered that there were 2 yachts which had got into difficulty. Antrim Lifeboat was first on the scene and secured the first yacht before Ardboe & Kinnego Lifeboats then arrived.
The second yacht was forced aground at the entrance of the Sxmilewater river. A tow line was established and the second yacht was pulled off the rocks and was then assisted by Ardboe & Kinnego lifeboats back into Antrim Harbour.
All casualties and vessels where safely back in harbour.
All lifeboats returned to base.

Callout 598

Posted on Monday Aug 8, 2016

HM Coastguard tasked LNR at 20:56 to assist a broken down Fletcher speedboat with 2 persons on boat in the Gawleys Gate area. Information then came through that the boat was closer to Rams Island and had run aground onto rocks. Both Kinnego and Ardboe Lifeboats arrived on scene and located the casualty vessel close to the shore at Lignaboy point. It was then decided to carry out a lee shore rescue where Kinnego Lifeboat was attached to Ardboe lifeboat via towline to head towards the casualty vessel. Crew entered the water and made way to the casualty vessel.
Attempts where made to free the vessel off the rocks but where unsuccessful. The decision was made to bring the 2 Casualties on board the Kinnego Lifeboat and bring them to Gawleys Gate where they were handed over into the care of the Lough Neagh Coast Guard team.
Both casualties where give the all clear medically and the lifeboats subsequently recovered the speedboat off the rocks.

Callout 597

Posted on Monday Aug 1, 2016

LNR were tasked by Coastguard at 14:27 to a Bayliner Speedboat reported lost around the Castlebay area near Coney Island with 2 persons onboard. Ardboe lifeboat launched and found the lost vessel. After confirming crew and vessel where ok, they where escorted back towards Kinnego Bay. They were met by Kinnego lifeboat who took over escorting them back into Kinnego Marina.

Callout 596

Posted on Wednesday Jul 27, 2016

HM Coastguard tasked LNR at 19:55 to a broken down Bayliner 26ft boat with 2 persons on board between Rams Island & Gawleys Gate. Ardboe lifeboat launched and proceeded to that area and with no sign of vessel, continued to search south and found the vessel at Bartins Bay. All vessel crew was fine so proceeded to set up a tow back to Kinnego Marina. On route we RV’d with Kinnego Lifeboat who took over tow back to Kinnego Marina and handed vessel crew over to the care of our local coastguard team.

Ardboe Station Open Day

Posted on Monday Jul 18, 2016

Come along to Ardboe Station Open Day. Sunday 31st July.

Kinnego Station Open Day

Posted on Friday Jul 15, 2016

Come along to Kinnego Station Open Day. Sunday 17th July.

Callout 595

Posted on Monday Jul 4, 2016

Both Ardboe & Kinnego lifeboats were tasked by Coastguard at 20:30 to a 30 ft vessel run aground at Tolans sound with 6 persons on board. Both lifeboats were quickly on scene in deteriorating conditions as strong winds were building. On Scene all casualty’s were on Tolans island but vessel was taken a battering. Both lifeboats decided to try and free the casualty’s vessel and with great success we managed to free the vessel to safe waters. It was then towed back to Kinnego marina to safe docking with all 6 casualty’s safely ashore also.
Both lifeboats then returned to base.

Exercise Water Babies

Posted on Tuesday Jun 21, 2016

LNR were delighted to have taken part in NIFRS exercise ‘water babies’ on Sunday 19th June at Kinnego Marina & Oxford Island. This was an ideal opportunity to refresh and test our skills alongside the other emergency services and agencies. We benefited greatly as the exercise was well organised and very realistic in its detail and we have taken away a lot of positive points from it. Our crew thoroughly enjoyed it, we had crew in various roles, we had crew as live casualties, crew on lifeboats who were directly involved in the exercise (being tested alongside the other emergency services) and we had crew providing safety cover for those in and around the water. The day was a great insight as to how professional all the emergency services are and we look forward to training alongside them again in the near future.

Callout 594

Posted on Saturday Jun 18, 2016

Antrim Lifeboat was tasked by Coastguard at 18:04 to a 14ft speed boat run aground at Shane’s castle with 4 persons on board. Antrim Lifeboat launched and was met by the casualty vessel at the mouth of the 6 mile. They where able to get their engine going again. Help was given to recover their boat and safety advice given.

Callout 593

Posted on Thursday Jun 9, 2016

HM Coastguard tasked LNR at 21:40 to a motor vessel that had broken down North of Rams Island. Both Lifeboats where launched. Kinnego Lifeboat then located the vessel with 1 person on-board and commenced a tow to Sandy Bay Marina where the casualty was hand over to the Shore Coast Guard Team. Both lifeboats then returned to base.

Callout 592

Posted on Sunday Jun 5, 2016

Coastguard tasked both Ardboe & Kinnego lifeboats at 15.25 to a vessel with 11 persons on board which had lost its steering between Coney Island & Bann foot. Both boats arrived quickly on scene and it became apparent that a few of the causalities needed to be got of the boat and brought quickly to shore to lighten the boat load and allow more space for the remaining causalities to be towed back safely.
In such hot conditions the lifeboats were able to supply plenty of refreshments to keep the casualties cool & hydrated for the tow back to Kinnego Marina.
Both lifeboats back in base for 17.30.

Coalisland Flag day

Posted on Tuesday May 17, 2016

LNR would like to thank everyone who donated money and supported us on our flag day held in Coalisland on Saturday 7th May. Total raised was £2,360.
Many thanks to all for their generosity.

Callout 591

Posted on Sunday May 15, 2016

Sunday 15th May at 15:49 – HM Coast Guard tasked LNR to a vessel in distress at Hog Park Point (East Lough Neagh). Kinnego Lifeboat was quickly on scene, checked the crew and safety secured the vessel and towed back to Kinnego Marina.

Callout 590

Posted on Saturday May 14, 2016

Friday 13th May at 15:07 – HM Coast Guard tasked LNR to a 30ft cruiser that had run aground in the vicinity of Upper Bann Foot. Both Ardboe and Kinnego Lifeboats along with Kinnego Tango Coast Guard Shore Team arrived on scene. Kinnego Tango deployed a inflatable dingy which assisted LNR to evacuate the vessels crew to safety.
Due to position of vessel and unfavorable wind direction, LNR secured vessel to return next day.
On Saturday 14th May morning Kinnego Lifeboat attempted to refloat/recover vessel for owner. Unfortunately due to the position of the vessel LNR were unable to retrieve the vessel.

Callout 589

Posted on Wednesday May 11, 2016

11th May at 15:07 – HM Coast Guard tasked Kinnego lifeboat to a vessel with engine failure in the Gawleys Gate Bay Area. Vessel was found and towed into Gawleys Gate quay and handed over to Kinnego Tango Coastguard Team. Kinnego Lifeboat then returned to base.

Come along to Kinnego Station on Saturday 4th June for this free event

Callout 588

Posted on Monday May 9, 2016

Monday 9th May at 14:05 – HMCG tasked both Ardboe & Kinnego Lifeboats to an area between Rams Island and Hog Point for a lone jet skier whom had broken down approx 1nm off shore. Both life boats launched and were quickly on scene where a local fishing vessel was assisting the jet skier. Kinnego lifeboat crew took the casualty on board and towed the jet ski back to Kinnego marina were he had previously launched from. Ardboe lifeboat returned to base.
LNR would like to thank the local fishing vessel who kept the casualty safe upon our arrival.

Callout 587

Posted on Sunday May 8, 2016

Sun 8th May 2016 @ 17.55. HMCG paged and tasked Ardboe lifeboat to a small blue/white fishing like boat with 1 person on board whom got disoriented of their location but had stayed beside a cardinal marker and was able to read it’s number. Ardboe lifeboat located the vessel around reedy flat were it was drifting. 2 crew was transferred onto the casualty vessel and brought it back to Kinnego bay area where Kinnego Lifeboat took over and brought the vessel into marina were it had launched from. Ardboe lifeboat returned to base as Kinnego took vessel and casualty back to Kinnego marina.

Callout 586

Posted on Monday May 2, 2016

HM Coastguard tasked LNR Monday 2nd May at 16:00 to reports from a member of the public that 2 sit on top kayakers were in difficulty just off Coney Island. Ardboe Lifeboat quickly launched and located the 2 casualties and brought them into Maghery where they were handed into the care of the Local Coast Guard team. Other than suffering the effects of the cold they were unhurt.

Callout 585

Posted on Thursday Apr 14, 2016

Thursday 14th April at 9.50pm – HM Coastguard paged LNR to immediate launch readiness due to a diverted aircraft making an emergency landing at Belfast International Airport. LNR was stood down at 10.10pm after the aircraft landed safety.

St. Jude Church Donation

Posted on Wednesday Apr 6, 2016

LNR would like to thank St. Jude Church, Muckamore for there prayers and kind donation of £500 towards the cost of fixing/replacing the David Grey lifeboat engines. This was very much appreciated.

Callout 584

Posted on Friday Apr 1, 2016

Friday 1st April at 12:15pm – HM Coastguard paged LNR and requested to launch and proceed to Rams island where 5 young adults were stranded due to deteriorating weather conditions. Both Ardboe and Kinnego lifeboats boats arrived at Rams island and the casualties were brought on board the Ardboe lifeboat and taken safely to shore at Crumlin marina where LNR had a land vehicle (Lima Romeo 1) waiting along with a coastguard vehicle to transport the 5 persons back to Antrim marina via land. Both lifeboats returned to base at 2.00pm, fueled and ready for service.

Callout 583

Posted on Thursday Feb 25, 2016

LNR were paged by Coastguard at 13:15 to a report of a boat that was broken down and lost. Reports placed it somewhere in the SE corner of the Lough. Kinnego Lifeboat located the vessel with one person and one dog onboard north of rams island and took them to Crumlin Marina where they were met by Lough Neagh Coastguard team.

Transport Minister Visit

Posted on Thursday Feb 25, 2016

We welcomed to Antrim Station a visit from Robert Goodwill UK MP Transport Minister who was in Northern Ireland yesterday to meet various search and rescue teams following funding awarded by his department of Transport. Present also were Pupils from Riverside Special School Antrim.




Justice Minister Visit

Posted on Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

Justice Minister David Ford Visited Kinnego Lifeboat Station on Tuesday 23rd February seeing first hand the work Lough Neagh Rescue carry out.

Callout 582 / Flood Callout 2

Posted on Sunday Feb 21, 2016

LNR were tasked by PSNI to assist with a missing person search on the river Bann. LNR lifeboats and flood team assisted alongside other agencies over the weekend.

Kinnego Flooding

Posted on Monday Jan 25, 2016

A big thank you to all the crew who helped out yesterday to clean up Kinnego Station, Sands Marine and Southshore Marine buildings after the recent floods.


Posted on Friday Jan 15, 2016

LNR would like to thank James Quinn, Toomebridge for his generous donation of £200. This donation is greatly appreciated.