Open Day Battery Harbour

Posted on Sunday Jul 1, 2018

It’s that time of year again!!

Y-Zone Fun Day

Posted on Saturday Jun 23, 2018

The Y-Zone youth group are holding a fun day at the River Bann in Portadown today. We are pleased to have been invited along to meet and greet members of the public, have a chat and showcase some of the kit we have. Come say hello, try on some of the kit or have a go with a throw line.

We also have our new milpro on the river.

St Comgalls Primary school

Posted on Thursday Jun 21, 2018

Tonight we are out supporting and giving water safety advice at St Comgalls Primary school Antrim’s summer fair. Why not pop along and meet the crew. We are here until 8.00pm.

Callout 646

Posted on Saturday Jun 16, 2018

HM Coastguard tasked LNR at 17:21 to the aid of a sailing yacht in difficulty at the mouth of the Six Mile Water River.

The Antrim Bay Lifeboat launched and proceeded to the casualty vessel which had run aground and shortly thereafter was able to free itself. After a quick assessment and receiving confirmation from the skipper on board the casulty vessel that all was ok ABLB returned to station at 17:40 ready for service.

A note to anyone boating in and around Antrim bay, the mouth of the river is very shallow at the moment.

Callout 645

Posted on Saturday Jun 9, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 20:26hrs and requested the launch of the lifeboats to the aid of 2 persons on-board a speedboat with engine difficulties located outside Kinnego marina. With the vessel drifting towards rocks both the Ardboe and Kinnego lifeboats were requested to launch.

Both lifeboats launched swiftly and the Kinnego lifeboat proceeded to the casualty vessel. Upon arrival on scene the vessel had regained power and was making its way back into the marina alongside the Kinnego Harbor Master boat. Kinnego lifeboat also escorted the vessel back into the marina.

All units returned to base and made ready for the next tasking.

Carnaghts Primary School fair

Posted on Friday Jun 8, 2018

Tonight we have been invited to Carnaghts Primary School fair to promote Water Safety to the children. If your in the area, please stop by and have a chat with the crew.

St Comgalls GAC Antrim family open day

Posted on Sunday Jun 3, 2018

We are down supporting St Comgalls GAC Antrim family open day. Why not pop down and say hello. We are here until 4.00pm today. Lots of activities for everyone.

5 Mile and 10k Run

Posted on Saturday Jun 2, 2018

Can we take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting our 5 Mile and 10k Run. It’s was a HUGE success. To all our sponsors Paul Berry Group Training, John J Donnelly M.B.E, Shivers Bathroom Interiors and Techmac Industrial Supplies, Asda Antrim and Tesco Antrim. Thank you for making the run possible. Thanks must go to all the runners who came and took part in a very warm Saturday morning. Without your support our run wouldn’t be the success it is. To the crew from all stations and families. Thank you!!! Your time, effort and commitment is very much appreciated. To Katrina Taggart and Charlotte Pullan. Thank you ladies for doing a fantastic and professional job at registering all the runners and helping to set up.

Last and not least. To Drew Taggart and the Pace Running club volunteers. Thank you for all your help, support and guidance in organising this event. Without doubt your attention to detail makes it the success it really is.

We hope to see you all again next year.

Thanks to NI Running for the photos.

Callout 644

Posted on Sunday May 27, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 17:41hrs and requested the launch of the lifeboat to the aid a yacht that was reported as having run aground close to Rams Island.

Whilst on route to the search area an update was received that the casualty vessel had regained propulsion and was able to make its way to the south jetty on Rams Island. The lifeboat proceeded to the island to make contact with the skipper. After consultation with the skipper and the Coastguard they were happy that further assistance was not required and the lifeboat was stood down and returned to base.

All units made ready for the next tasking.

Callout 643

Posted on Saturday May 26, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 15:34hrs and requested the launch of the Kinnego and Ardboe lifeboats to the aid of 2 persons on board a Bayliner pleasure craft which was experiencing engine difficulties and drifting in the area of Silver Hill.

Both lifeboats launched and commenced a search, whilst on route to the search area there was an update from the Coastguard that the casualty vessel had regained limited power and was making its way back towards Kinnego Marina.
All units were to continue and assist where possible.

A short time later the casualty vessel was located by the Ardboe lifeboat and the lifeboat commenced an escort back towards Kinnego marina, shortly thereafter the Kinnego lifeboat took over the escort and brought the casualty vessel safely alongside the jetty in the Marina.

All units returned to base and made ready for the next tasking.

Swift Water and Flood response training

Posted on Sunday May 20, 2018

Some of our crew from all 3 stations met up today at Benburb to carry out some swift water and flood response training.

It’s always great to have an opportunity to meet up with other crew and keep our skills and knowledge fresh and up to date.

RLSS Northern Ireland

Posted on Friday May 18, 2018

Working along side RLSS UK Northern Ireland Branch today at the Lisburn Primary Schools gala promoting water safety.

Greystone Primary School

Posted on Friday May 11, 2018

Tonight we are supporting Greystone Primary School Antrim’s PTA open night.

Callout 642

Posted on Saturday May 5, 2018

At 17:08hrs HM Coastguard tasked LNR to reports of a vessel in difficulty off Gawleys Gate. The casualty vessel was located by Ardboe Lifeboat in the Lady Bay Area. Following an inspection and consent to tow from the skipper on board the vessel the Lifeboat towed the vessel into Gawleys Gate and handed into the care of the awaiting Coastguard team.
Lifeboat returned to base and made ready for the next tasking.

Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey

Posted on Wednesday May 2, 2018

Tonight we welcomed the Mayor of Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council Paul Hamill to our weekly training session. Paul was given a tour of our Antrim station and learned all about our organisation and the services we provide on Lough Neagh and further afield. After learning about the safety aspects of PPE and proper use of a Lifejacket, Paul then set sail on the Antrim Bay Lifeboat with a passage to Cranfield. Whilst travelling to Cranfield Paul was able to take in sights such as Shane’s Castle, River Maine, Farrs Bay and Rabbits point all of which are famous land marks on Lough Neagh. Once at Cranfield, Paul was able to help in a scenario of a “Man Over Board”. Our fellow crew members from Ardboe and Lifeboat the David Gray then took Paul to the Eastern shores of the Antrim Bay taking in sights such as Ballyginnif Sand Quay, Water Tower, Kettle Bottom Island and Antrim Marina. We at Lough Neagh Rescue wish to thank the Mayor for taking time from his busy schedule to visit us and to Antrim and Newtownabbey Borough Council for all the help and support throughout the years.


Posted on Wednesday Apr 25, 2018

Can we thank the staff of Euro Fire for their help and assistance on the purchase of new Fire Extinguishers for our Antrim Station. Very professional and friendly service.

Allstate NI

Posted on Wednesday Apr 25, 2018

Thank you to Allstate for inviting us into their offices today to talk about LNR and what we do. The ‘Environment’ was topic of the day- how to protect it and respect it.

Callout 641

Posted on Monday Apr 23, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 10:09hrs and requested the immediate launch of the Kinnego and Ardboe lifeboats to the aid of 2 persons on board a dredger that was taking on water in the area of Skaddy Tower.

Both lifeboats launched swiftly and proceeded to the area, whist on route it was confirmed that the vessel was no longer afloat and the casualties were in the water.
The lifeboat arrived on scene where one person had made it on-board a sand dredger that was nearby.

The sand dredger and fishermen who were also in the area proceeded to the casualty vessel following the call that they were taking on water and sinking.

With the other person still in the water (alongside the sand dredger), LNR crew boarded the dredger and along with those on board retrieved the person from the water. Both casualties were treated for cold water shock, transferred to the lifeboat and brought to Ballyronan marina where LNR shore crew were awaiting with the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service.
The casualties were brought safely to shore and handed into the care of the NIAS for treatment.

Large debris from the area was also brought to shore ensuring the area was safe for other vessels before the lifeboats were stood down and returned to base.

We would like to acknowledge and thank those on-board the nearby fishing vessel and sand dredgers who came to the aid of the casualties. Their swift actions undoubtedly reduced the risk of loss of life.

Callout 640

Posted on Thursday Apr 19, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 17:05hrs and requested that the Kinnego and Ardboe lifeboats launch to the aid of a yacht that was believed to be aground in the Deerpark area. Both lifeboats launched and commenced the search, the vessel was located by the Kinnego lifeboat where the team liaised with the skipper and confirmed that all was well.
Both lifeboats stood down and returned to base.

Car Boot Sale

Posted on Wednesday Apr 11, 2018

Lough Neagh Rescue Service & Camping NI are hosting a Car Boot this Saturday 14th April at Kinnego Lifeboat Station, Kinnego Marina.

Callout 639

Posted on Thursday Apr 5, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 21:00hrs and requested that all available units respond to Kinnego Marina where a child was reported as missing. Lifeboat and shore crews responded, thankfully the child was located safe and well a short time later.
All units stood down and returned to base.

Christmas tree festival at All Saints

Posted on Tuesday Apr 3, 2018

Can we take this opportunity to thank Rev Stephen McBride, Rev Aaron Mcallister and Cynthia Cherry who presented crew members Drew Taggart and Desi Lundy with a cheque for £2000. This money was raised during the Christmas tree festival at All Saints. Can we thank all the members of the church and general public for supporting the event and your continued support in helping to raise this fantastic amount. Can we also thank Mrs Fiona Simpson for her kind donation to our Lifesaving charity. We are truly overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness.

Callout 638

Posted on Friday Mar 30, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 14:51hrs and requested the Ardboe lifeboat launch to the aid of a small yacht with 3 persons on board that had obtained damage to its rudder just outside of Ballyronan marina.
The lifeboat launched and proceeded to the area and located the casualty vessel. Having obtained consent to set up a tow the vessel was towed safely into Ballyronan marina and secured to the jetty.
All units were stood down and returned to base.

Amazon Smile

Posted on Thursday Mar 29, 2018

Great news for Amazon shoppers**

Now you can donate to Lough Neagh Rescue when you shop online at Amazon.

All you have to do, is go to

select your charity by searching for us, then continue shopping at and we automatically receive a percentage as a donation (see attached image).

*NOTE* – This DOES NOT cost you anything more.


Callout 637

Posted on Thursday Mar 29, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 23:00 on 28th March and requested the Kinnego and Ardboe lifeboats launch following reports of a flashing light being seen on the lough from the east shore. The first informant believed that this may have been an SOS.
Both lifeboats launched and conducted and extensive search from the Battery Harbour and Kinnego Marina to and along the Eastern Shore. With nothing seen all units were stood down and returned to base.
The first informant did the right thing when they believed someone could have been in trouble.
We at LNR would rather be called out and not needed opposed to the opposite.

Snow Assist

Posted on Friday Mar 2, 2018

LNR were humbled today by the dedication of the staff in the Southern Area Health Trust as we assisted them with the movement of staff, delivery of essential medications, and helping midwives do the rounds checking in on the new mums and babys around the Armagh area. The ‘Beast from the East’ did not stop them in their mission to deliver care and we are privelaged to be able to help them in doing so. Keep up the fantastic work you all do.

Asda Green Token scheme

Posted on Tuesday Feb 6, 2018

Can we take this opportunity to thank you all for your kindness in helping us receive this fantastic amount from the Asda green token scheme. Pictured L/R Crew member Brian Lavery Barbara Logan (Asda community champion) Crew member Ivan Crozier.

5 Mile and 10K run 2018

Posted on Monday Jan 29, 2018

We are holding our 2nd annual 5 Mile and 10K run on Saturday 2nd June 2018. Run commences at 11.00am sharp.

Registration can be placed online at:

For further details please contact Drew on 07902909274 or

Callout 636

Posted on Saturday Jan 27, 2018

Details to follow

Callout 635

Posted on Thursday Jan 25, 2018

HM Coastguard paged LNR at 12:29 and requested that a search be undertaken at the River Bann Foot for a missing person.
The lifeboat launched and proceeded to the area to commence searching. With the search yielding no results on the day HM Coastguard stood down the teams.
In the coming days and weeks further searches were undertaken by LNR and other agencies until the person was located.
The thoughts and prayers from all in LNR are with the individual’s friends and family.

Paddy Prunty

Posted on Sunday Dec 31, 2017

As 2017 draws to a close we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our Honorary Member Paddy Prunty upon receiving his BEM Honour from the Queen for his services to Lough Neagh Rescue.

Tesco Cookstown Collection

Posted on Saturday Dec 23, 2017

On Saturday 23rd December members from our Ardboe Station held our annual bucket collection in Tesco Cookstown.

We would like to thank everyone for your kind donations, without you we could not operate.

Also, a special thank you to Tesco Cookstown for your continued support, especially Charlene for looking after us so well.

Steeple Community Association Christmas Lights

Posted on Friday Dec 8, 2017

Tonight we helped deliver Santa safely to the Steeple estate in Antrim, where the Steeple community association held their annual Christmas light switch on. Thanks for inviting us to help Santa, I hope we get an extra present under the tree.

Carnmoney Parish Men’s Society

Posted on Monday Dec 4, 2017

Can we take this opportunity to thank the members of Carnmoney Parish Men’s Society for the invite to give a talk about Lough Neagh Rescue. We were treated to a lovely fry and pictured below is crew member Desi Lundy excepting a small donation from those members present.

All Saints’ Parish Church Festival

Posted on Wednesday Nov 22, 2017

We are very lucky to be chosen as 1 of 2 charities for this years Christmas Tree Festival in All Saints Parish Church Antrim. Please share this event with all your friends and family and encourage them to come along and help support this wonderful event.