For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Tag: Speedboat
  • Callout 840

    Callout 840

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 19:53. Details to follow

  • Callout 839

    Callout 839

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 14:29 to a cruiser broken down near Ardboe. The casualty was swiftly located and towed.

  • Callout 838

    Callout 838

    Crews tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 14:43 to an incident at Ballyronan.  Crews attended and were stood down once the incident was resolved.

  • Callout 837

    Callout 837

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 3.22pm to reports of a yacht aground close to Castor Bay.  Lifeboats launched and quickly located the casualty vessel, after assessing for damage with none found, the lifeboat then towed the stricken vessel to safe water where it was released and escorted into Kinnego Marina.   Lifeboats returned to […]

  • Callout 836

    Callout 836

    Lifeboats paged at 10:39pm last night (Thursday 9th May 2024) by Belfast Coastguard to reports of a red flare being fired from Rams Island. After an extensive search of Rams Island and the surrounding area, Lifeboats where stood down and returned to base at 2:30am.

  • Callout 835

    Callout 835

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 6.00pm to reports of two persons in difficulty, close to Oxford Island. The casualties were on board an inflatable boat and an inflatable kayak at the time and could not get back to shore due to the weather conditions. Lifeboats launched and made best speed to the tasking area […]

  • Callout 834

    Callout 834

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 1:11am to reports of a vessel aground with 2 persons on board, approx. 2nm north of the Battery Harbour.  Lifeboats launched and commenced a search before locating the casualty vessel a short time later.  The lifeboat made its way towards the casualty vessel and crew conducted a lee shore […]

  • Callout 833

    Callout 833

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 11:08pm last night (Thursday 25th April 2024) to reports of 3 persons being stranded on Rams Island.  Lifeboats launched and upon arriving on scene assessed the casualties and their vessel.  The decision was made to take the 3 persons to land as swiftly as possible. The 3 casualties and […]

  • Callout 832

    Callout 832

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 9:47pm to reports of a person entering the Sixmile river in Antrim.  On attending the scene the person was helped from the water by our colleagues from Antrim NIFRS who provided casualty care. The individual was then transported to hospital for further assessment and handed into the care of […]

  • Callout 831

    Callout 831

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 18:21 to a 24ft vessel broken down near Gawleys Gate. The casualty was swiftly located and towed.