For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Tag: Sand
  • Callout 430

    Four people were seen in water west of Rams Island after their canoes capsized. The crew were paged at 13.00 and KILB and AILB were launched. They arrived on scene to find that the casualties had been picked up by a sand barge. The lifeboats then escorted the barge to Sandy Bay. An ambulance had […]

  • Callout 429

    A 25′ motor boat “Blue Two” with 2 POB had left the Battery Harbour at 16.30 on route to Kinnego Marina. It did not arrive and KILB and AILB were both launched at 21.00 with the support of the Police helicopter to search for the motor boat. Support 1 was also launched from Kinnego and […]

  • Callout 428

    KILB tasked to Valiant RIB leaving Bannfoot area with engine difficulties and 3 POB, RIB crew resolved trouble themselves but was escorted back to Kinnego.

  • Callout 427

    KILB & AILB where both tasked at 17.15 hrs to an Orkney Cabin Cruiser adrift and taking on water, 2 miles North of Kinnego. The casualty was located West of Tolands and AILB took 3 casualties on board, KILB took the Orkney in tow and all where safely delivered back to Kinnego.

  • Callout 426

    On 01/02/09. Kinnego lifeboat was tasked at 12.30 to search for the warden at Coney Island who had not made radio contact to say he had arrived. Kinnego lifeboat was on the slipway when contact was made with the warden and the call-out was called off.

  • Callout 425

    On 25/01/09 to a 15′ Cruiser in trouble in Castor Bay. The two people on board were seen waving coats and appeared to be in trouble. This attracted the attention of a member of the public who phoned 999. Kinnego lifeboat was tasked at 13.30 and made it’s way from the River Blackwater where it […]

  • Farewell to Bungy 2

    Today Lough Neagh Rescue said goodbye to Bungy 2, lately The Gary Breen or more commonly known “Support 1”, a few members turned out to prepare the Boat for it’s journey to pastures new and to make sure she was looking her best for the new owners. Bungy 2 arrived 11 years ago on the […]

  • Callout 424

    On 29/12/08 at 15.10 to a dinghy adrift. 10ft Plastimo RIB which was concealed on island with branches, in Kinnego Bay. 3 POB. KILB was back on station at 15.45

  • Callout 423

    On 27/12/08 at 15.13 to a 22ft yacht which was taking part in a race and had ran aground on the Six Foot Flat. There were 2 POB and the boat was towed off the Six Foot Flat and made its way to Morrows Point without assistance. KILB and AILB back on station at 16.00.

  • Callout 422

    KILB paged by MCA at 15-00hrs to report of small boat with 3 POB adrift 1 mile North of Emersons Sand Quay. After a search with darkness approaching the casualty was found near Kiltagh Point, South of Ardboe. The three crew where cold but safe, they where then towed to a local Quay. KILB back […]