For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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  • Callout 820

    Callout 820

    At 19:49, Lough Neagh Rescue received an urgent distress call. A 27ft powerboat with one person on board was having engine trouble and taking on water to the east of Battery harbour  Our boats were swiftly launched, navigating rough conditions to reach the stricken vessel. Upon arrival, a thorough assessment was conducted on the casualty […]

  • Callout 819

    Callout 819

    Tasked at 1.50 AM to a person in the water at Camlough. Lough Neagh Rescue had three swiftwater teams attending but shortly into the journey they where stood down.Crew returned to base to make ready for next tasking

  • Callout 818

    Callout 818

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 11:39 to a report of a vessel with 4 persons onboard broken down and located at Tolan’s Flat. Crews quickly responded & the casualty was swiftly located and after a lee shore rescue was towed. Afterwards crews returned to station & prepared the lifeboats for their next tasking.

  • Callout 817

    Callout 817

    Lifeboats tasked at 01:50 by Belfast Coastguard at the request of Antrim PSNI to help search for a high risk missing person at Antrim Loughshore.  After an extensive search, the missing individual was found and taken for further medical assessment.  Lifeboats returned to base, refuelled and ready for our next tasking.

  • Callout 816

    Callout 816

    Lifeboats tasked at 15.44 by Belfast Coastguard following a call from a vessel which lost drive in Toome and was drifting. Our lifeboats launched in force 3 westerly winds and proceeded to Toome bay where they conducted a search towards the canal. Upon approach towards the canal the casualty vessel was located, just inside the […]

  • Dangers of Waterways in Summer

    Dangers of Waterways in Summer

    June is National Safety Month and as the current spell of hot weather continues, Manus from Lough Neagh Rescue visits Kinnego Marina and explains to Get Active ABC about the dangers posed by waterways in summer.

  • Callout 815

    Callout 815

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 13:18 to a report of a vessel with 2 persons onboard located near the entrance to Kinnego Bay. Crews quickly responded & the casualty was swiftly located and towed into Kinnego Marina.  Afterwards crews returned to station & prepared the lifeboats for their next tasking.

  • Callout 814

    Callout 814

    Lifeboats tasked by Belfast Coastguard at 13:59 to a report of a vessel which had struck an object and became immobilised whilst enroute from Antrim to Toome. Our lifeboats launched and proceeded to search this route and a short time later located the casualty vessel. The casualty vessel was at anchor just off the Three Islands on […]

  • Callout 813

    Callout 813

    Lifeboats tasked at 17:21 at the request of the PSNI to reports of an individual threatening to enter the water on the Sixmile river. As crews arrived at the station we received confirmation that the individual had been taken to an area of safety. Crews stood down, ready for our next tasking.

  • Callout 812

    Callout 812

    Lifeboats paged at 14:07 by Belfast Coastguard to reports of a 5 metre Speed boat which had broken down in the Antrim bay. Lifeboats launched and located the casualty vessel 2 miles south of Antrim.  Once located, the vessel was checked for any damage and a tow line was connected. The vessel was towed to […]