For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Callout 734

Tasked to a broken down boat with 2 children, 3 adults and a dog onboard.
The vessel had been making its way from the Battery harbour to Gawleys gate when it broke down.
Lifeboats quickly launched and carried out a search for the broken down boat in rough conditions and large swells. It had drifted quite a few miles of course.
Once located a crew member went aboard to check on the casualties and transferred one adult onto the lifeboat to be brought to shore.
The other lifeboat rigged a tow and brought the vessel to Maghery (due to wind direction and large swells this was the safest option) and handed over to the awaiting Coastguard team.
Lifeboats returned to base, washed and refuelled for next tasking.