For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

David Gray – Bungy 1989-2019

Today Wednesday 3rd July 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of David Gray Jnr who tragically lost his life while out with friends on Lough Neagh. The boat David was travelling on sank, whist on passage from Ballyronan to Kinnego. Unfortunately, on the 3rd July 1989 there was no rescue service based on Lough Neagh.

On this day 30 years ago it was a huge turning point for Lough Neagh as David’s father (David Gray Snr) didn’t want another family to suffer the loss of a loved one in the way his family had done.

David fund raised tirelessly for the much needed funds to start up Lough Neagh Rescue and to get the 1st Rescue vessel operational. From that day on, and with the help of founder, past and present members whom all shared the same vision, we now have 3 stations around the Lough: Kinnego, Ardboe and Antrim. A vision and a dream come true for David Gray Snr.

Today those founding crew members who searched selflessly for David Gray Jnr on the 3rd July 2019 took David’s sister Jackie out to the location where the vessel sank and placed a cross on the water.

We at Lough Neagh Rescue are forever grateful that we can carry on with the vision of David Gray Snr with the help of our Dedicated Crew, SAR Partners, Local Councils and other Funding Bodies. But most importantly the generosity of the Public whom without their support we would not be here today.