For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Callout 623

In the early hours of this morning at 01:10hrs HM Coastguard received a 999 call from person on-board a yacht which had 2 persons on-board whom have become disorientated and not sure of their current position in the darkness.
The Ardboe & Kinnego Lifeboats launched and commenced an extensive search. HM Coastguard also requested the assistance of Rescue 116 (Irish Coastguard SAR helicopter).
Whilst on a running line between Oxford Island and Ballyronan (searching northwards) the Ardboe lifeboat located the casualty vessel, made contact, came alongside and one crew member boarded to assist the skipper in dropping the sails. The Kinnego lifeboat proceeded from its search area on the eastern shore to the location of the casualty vessel. Whilst alongside a tow line was attached to the vessel (with the consent of the skipper) and the Kinnego lifeboat commenced a tow to Kinnego marina with one crew member on-board the casualty vessel.
Both Rescue 116 and the Ardboe lifeboat stood down and the lifeboat returned to base.
The casualty vessel was brought safely alongside the jetty in Kinnego Marina by the Kinnego lifeboat and the casualties were handed into the care of the awaiting Coastguard team.
Kinnego lifeboat returned to base. All units restaged and ready for service