For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Callout 609

At 20.32Hrs During a routine training night HM Coastguard Tasked Lough Neagh Rescue to search for a vessel or persons in distress in the vicinity of Rams Island. This was due to reports of a red flare being sighted in the area.
The Ardboe lifeboat proceeded to the area and commenced a search from the north of Rams Island to Sandy Bay initially and then continued to search from Sandy Bay to Hog Point.
The Kinnego lifeboat launched and searched from the north of Tolans flat to Gawleys Gate.
As there were no signs of any vessel or persons in distress HM Coastguard then stood both lifeboats down. Both lifeboats returned to base at 22.05Hrs