Callout 598

Posted on Monday Aug 8, 2016

HM Coastguard tasked LNR at 20:56 to assist a broken down Fletcher speedboat with 2 persons on boat in the Gawleys Gate area. Information then came through that the boat was closer to Rams Island and had run aground onto rocks. Both Kinnego and Ardboe Lifeboats arrived on scene and located the casualty vessel close to the shore at Lignaboy point. It was then decided to carry out a lee shore rescue where Kinnego Lifeboat was attached to Ardboe lifeboat via towline to head towards the casualty vessel. Crew entered the water and made way to the casualty vessel.
Attempts where made to free the vessel off the rocks but where unsuccessful. The decision was made to bring the 2 Casualties on board the Kinnego Lifeboat and bring them to Gawleys Gate where they were handed over into the care of the Lough Neagh Coast Guard team.
Both casualties where give the all clear medically and the lifeboats subsequently recovered the speedboat off the rocks.