For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

Callout 445

Members of LNR were paged at 03.55 to search for a casualty who had entered the water at Cranfield. KILB, AILB, and Support 1 were launched. Members of the Coastguard, NIFRS,  PSNI and Ambulance Service were also on scene. The crew of AILB and Support 1 entered the water and proceeded to search the shore line while the crew in KILB used Rocket Flares to illuminate the area. Members of NIFRS were onboard KILB using a Thermal Imaging Camera. The crew onboard KILB used search lights to scan the shore line and a woman was spotted holding onto a tree  on the waters edge about half a mile East of Cranfield Jetty. Two members of KILB entered the water and assisted the casualty, after advice from NIFRS that there was no road access and that the casualty needed to be brought to an area where she could be stabilised immediately  KILB proceeded inshore, the Lifeboat was by this stage very close to the shore.  The casualty was quickly brought onboard and received Emergency First Aid by NIFRS.  KILB then anchored and passed the casualty to AILB who  immediately brought the casualty to the jetty at Cranfield and transferred her to the waiting ambulance. She was suffering from Deep Hypothermia and was extremely disorientated. Lifeboats were back on station at 06.50. KILB suffered superficial damage during the rescue, which proved to be a challenging mission for all crews.

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