For emergencies on Lough Neagh and it’s tributary rivers call 999 and ask for the Coastguard.

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  • Callout 455

    Members of Lough Neagh Rescue were tasked by HMCG at 14.36 to Coney Island. Kinnego Harbour Master, concerned that the warden on Coney Island had not made any contact, raised the alarm. One lifeboat was launched and sent to Coney Island. The crew arrived on Coney Island to find the warden safe and well. The […]

  • Callout 454

    Members of Lough Neagh Rescue were tasked by HMCG at 22.32. A member of the public had contacted the Coastguard to say that a jet ski was in trouble in Kinnego Bay. One lifeboat was launched as well as a shore crew. The lifeboat searched the Kinnego Bay area while the shore crew searched from […]

  • Callout 453

    Members of Lough Neagh Rescue were paged at 15.45 to an incident off Antrim Marina. HMCG tasked one Lifeboat to attend a cabin cruiser that had run aground on rocks. Upon arrival at the scene, the Lifeboat established that one person had made their way on to the shore whilst two people remained on board […]

  • Christmas Eve in Cookstown

    Ardboe crew gave up their time on Christmas Eve to generate cash for Lough Neagh Rescue, our thanks to these brave souls who not only gave up their time on one of the busiest days of the year but managed to raise £1033.00 from one single collection point….Well Done!

  • Cookstown Flag Day

    LNR held a Flag Day in Cookstown last Saturday, the collection was a great success and well supported by the local community. Crew collected in the Town centre where £1830 was donated, shoppers in ASDA also had their chance to show support for the Lifeboats and a collection in their Foyer raised a further £770, […]

  • Antrim Flag Day

    LNR held a Flag Day in Antrim on the 14th November, a substantial number of crew turned out and contributed to the fantastic £1475 lift….Well Done Everyone!!

  • Callout 452

    Members of LNR were tasked to a cabin cruiser which had broken down near Coney Island.  A second Lifeboat was launched as another unit was already assisting a vessel east of Rams Island (Callout 451). The Lifeboat  arrived on scene and towed the vessel back to Kinnego Marina.

  • Callout 451

    Members of LNR were tasked at 15.40 to a cabin cruiser which had broken down east of Rams Island. A Lifeboat was launched and located the vessel which had deployed its anchor. Efforts were made to try and fix the engine but were unsuccessful.  The vessel was then towed back to Crumlin Marina in Sandy Bay. […]

  • Callout 450

    Members of LNR were tasked at 14.13 to a Bayliner which had hit rocks east of Croaghan Flat with 3 POB.  Two Lifboats where launched,  One unit was along side the casualty vessel at approximately 14.40 and a crew member was put on board.  The vessel had broken its drive shaft and was towed back to […]

  • Callout 449

    Members of Lough Neagh Rescue were tasked at 16.28 to a small vessel with 2 persons on board which had developed engine trouble in Antrim Bay.  One unit was launched and located the casualty 1 mile south west of Antrim Bay. The 2 occupants were taken on board the Lifeboat and their vessel was then towed safely back to Antrim Marina.